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Ragda Samosa Chaat

Deep-fried samosas (3 pcs) served with sweet and savory ragda (white peas)...

Vegetable Frankie

Freshly spiced crispy potato patties stuffed with cabbage slaw wrapped...
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Jumbo Vada Pav

Golden-fried spiced potato filling covered in batter served on bun with...
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Jumbo Dabeli Spicy

Buttered pav grilled with spicy mash potatoes, topped with peanuts, fine...
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Pav Bhaji

A thick mashed vegetable gravy served with a bread roll and onions.
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Chole Bhature

Tangy chana masala served with deep-fried bread along with spicy onions...
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Butter Chicken Poutine

Butter chicken gravy served on fries and topped with cheese curds.
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Chicken Frankie

Chicken mini bites cooked with our house spices and sauces, stuffed with...
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Omelette Pav (2 Eggs)

Indian style omelette made with whole eggs, onions and mild spices, served...