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Butter Chicken

Aromatic golden chicken pieces in an incredible creamy curry sauce.
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Chicken Balti Spicy

Boneless chicken pieces cooked in tikka masala sauce with ginger, garlic,...
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Paneer Makhani Vegetarian

Cottage cheese cooked with mild spices in a silky tomato and onion gra...
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Smokehouse Green Chicken

Our signature charcoal smoked chicken curry is slow-cooked with onions...
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Dal Makhani Vegetarian

Black lentils, red kidney beans cooked with butter cream and Indian sp...
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Chana Masala Vegan

Chickpeas cooked in onion and tomato masala gravy.
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Vegetable Maharaja Vegetarian

Mix veggies tossed in our special house spice blend and cooked in onion...
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Mushroom Matar Masala Vegetarian

Button mushrooms and peas cooked in our unique onion and tomato gravy ...
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Methi Matar Malai Vegetarian

Fenugreek herb cooked in a white gravy of onions, cashews, and cream.

Paneer Balti

Paneer cooked in tikka masala with ginger, garlic, curry leaves, and p...
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Chicken Korma

Rich creamy chicken curry made by cooking succulent pieces of chicken in...

Dad Tadka Vegetarian

Lentil curry tempered with spices and herbs.
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Malai Kofta Vegetarian

Fried balls of potato and cheese, covered in a creamy sauce of blended...
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Chicken Saag

Chicken cooked in spiced saag and spinach curry.
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Kadhai Chicken

Tender pieces of chicken cooked in a thick red gravy with tomatoes and...
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Kadhai Paneer

Cottage cheese cooked in a thick red gravy with tomatoes and onion sau...
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Paneer Saag

Paneer cooked in spiced saag and spinach curry.